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This kind of project causes STRESS and FATIGUE for those who take part of it, depend on different kind of situations met or sort of personality; finally, these are familiar issues for all of us, whatever the business or the environment we are part of.

By the link above, you will discover articles written by specialists and advices to anticipate this kind of phenomena and to work towards a better management of it in a daily life. It’s called IMPROVE YOU WAY!

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« Together, preserve water, the most important resource of the planet »

Plankton, which includes all the organisms that drift with the currents (from the virus to animals), is the basis of the food chain and produces ~ 50% of the oxygen we breathe. It is at the forefront of environmental changes and reacts quickly to various changes in the environment, whether linked to pollution or climate change. Today, the ignorance of the biodiversity and plankton evolution is one of the biggest obstacles to modeling the functioning of our biosphere and the predicting of global environmental change.

The Plankton Planet project proposes an innovative and citizen oceanography, based on sailing, to take the pulse of the biodiversity and the health of our oceans on relevant time and space scales. Bring by researchers at the CNRS and the Tara-Oceans team (2009-2013, see the results published in the special issue of the journal Science on May 22, 2015), Plankton Planet aims to create a direct link between citizen sailors of the planet that sample marine plankton continuously and the best international experts in oceanography that will analyze the collected material, mainly using massive sequencing DNA barcode that can identify and count all the species in each sample. The resulting data will provide vital information to measure the total plankton biodiversity in space and in time, force the operating models of planktonic ecosystems, and so predict its evolution in the oceans of the future.

This year the Maewan and all the crew become Planktonauts and will take part of this experience by collecting seawater samples in the North West passage, between Greenland And Kamtchatka.


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