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Combining photography, writing, and a taste for adventure all in one man

Guillaume “yOp” Vallot is 44 years old and lives at 1500 m elevation in the Southern French Alps, in a little-known region called the Queyras.He is an avid and talented outdoor sports enthusiast (mountaineering, rock climbing, paragliding, skiing, sailing, etc.), and for the last two decades his passion for photography has led him across the world several times over for the climbing/mountaineering media: Vertical, Rock & Ice, Climbing, Alp Vivalda, Montagnes Magazine, Grimper, etc.

His athleticism and mountaineering experience has taken him to the top of Mount Everest, and to the mountains of China, Quebec, and South America. Once upon a time he participated in the finals of several stages of the Ice Climbing World Cup, and in his spare time he likes to go sailing, especially if it means crossing the Atlantic.

His multiple talents include:

     Founding a publishing house (, authoring and designing a dozen guidebooks, history books, and spectacular photography books, such as:

  • “Le 6a Max” ed. Oros 2003 (reprinted in 2005, 2007)
  • “Escalades en Queyras-Viso” 2006 (reprinted in 2013) (Queyras-Viso Climbing)
  • “Si les Petites Roches m’étaient contées” 2007 (The History of the Petites Roches Plateau)
  • “Tous les Tours du Viso” 2007 (reprinted in 2014) (Trekking Around Mount Viso)
  • “Le Roi de Pierre” 2009 (The Stone King)
  • “Escalade à Getu” ed. Petzl 2011 (Climbing in Getu)
  • “Piedra Parada” ed. Petzl 2012
  • “Cascades en Queyras-Viso” 2013 (Queyras-Viso Ice Climbing)

    Standing behind the camera and co-directing several short films:

  • “Everest: le Rêve Achevé” 2002 (Everest, a Dream Come True)
  • “Québec Givré” 2005 (Crazy Quebec)
  • “China On Ice” 2013

    As well as a secondary cameraman for the official Petzl RocTrip films in 2011, 2012, and 2014.


His reason for participating in the project:

“As an avid sailor, mountaineer, and photographer for decades, I just had to be involved in Project Maewan, especially on the media side. What else is there to say? Erwan is longtime friend, and we have shared countless adventures together, so when I was presented with this somewhat crazy, somewhat hair-brained project that flirts with the impossible, a resounding ‘yes’ was the only answer.”