An accomplished sailor/mountaineer, aka “Captain”

A four-year member of Eric Tabarly’s crew on the Pen Duick VI, skipper all alone, for a 2-person crew, or for a full crew for monohulls Gauloises 2 (ex Pen Duick III) and Gauloises 3, and then multihulls Gauloises 4, Roger & Gallet, and Duel Aigle; winner of two stages the 1977-1978 Whitbread race, including the Cape Horn stage, of three Transatlantic races, of several multihull “Grand Prix;” record holder for crossing the Atlantic solo (1982), and monohull world champion (1986), Eric Loizeau was skipper of the year in 1978.

He has participated in several adventure races (Raid Gauloises, Elf Authentique Aventures), and in 2003, along with Patrick Berhault and Nicolas Mugnier, he climbed Mount Everest (for the 50th anniversary) where he ended up losing several fingers to frostbite. The story of this expedition along with several other maritime adventures is told in the book “From Cape Horn to Everest,” published by Glénat Editions in 2004.

Since 1994, he has organized the Mer Montagne (Sea Summit) Trophy at several ski resorts in the French Alps. The friendly competition brings together top sailors and mountaineers.


His most amazing accomplishments include:

  • Winning 2 stages in the 1977-78 Whitbread race
  • Sailing around the world 3 times with a crew (Whitbread)
  • Named skipper of the year in 1978
  • Winner of the 1981 Twostar and the 1982 Route du Rhum in category 4 (3rd and 4th in the general ranking), with the 45 foot trimaran the Galoises 4
  • Set the solo Transatlantic record in 1982
  • Won the Transatlantic race from Rouen to New York in 1986 as a two-person team on the 75 foot catamaran the Roger & Gallet
  • Ocean multihull world champion in 1986
  • Second in the Transatlantic race from Lorient to St Barts in 1989 as a two-person team on the 75 foot trimaran the Duel Aigle
  • Winner of several multihull Grand Prix between 1980 and 1987
  • Winner of the 2010 Vendée – Saint Petersburg team race on the Mutli50 Actual, captained by Yves Le Blevec
  • Summited Mount Everest on May 23, 2003.