The Maewan Adventure Base movie!

The first seven months of adventure summed up in these 18 breathtaking minutes.

(Production: Petzl – Guillaume Broust)

« Project Maewan began with the desire to discover the most remote corners of the Earth by land or by sea. So I bought a sailboat, the “Maewan IV,” capable of facing the most extreme environments. It became a platform for adventure, open to all of my friends so passionate about their chosen sports, experts in their professions. Over a four-year period we will travel the high seas looking for firsts in the wildest of places, whether in the Great White North, along the coast of Asia, among the Pacific Islands, or to the far southern reaches of the planet.

We left on February 8, 2015, from the coast of Brittany, in Northwestern France, initially setting our sails for Iceland to explore the country’s ice climbing potential, but by the end of March, in spite the still very cold winter conditions, we decided instead to journey to the exceptional mountain landscapes of Southern Greenland, to venture up the frozen fjords in search of untracked couloirs and wide-open slopes to ski.

This movie tells the story of the part of our adventure between Iceland and Greenland, when our temporary “fleet” of two sailboats departed from Isafjordur, each with a crew composed of an expert sailor, a freeride skier, a mountaineer, a photographer, and a cameraman. We navigated along the western coast of Greenland through the end of August, the crew varying based on the project at hand: to ski, to rock climb, or simply to explore.

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MAEWAN in South of GREENLAND – July/August 2015

Mathieu Maynadier, Charlotte Barré, Gérôme Pouvreau, Florence Pinet, Erwan Le Lann et Emeline Son have led Maewan in south of Greenland, from Augpilagtoq to Tasermiut fjord to meet big walls and multi pitch rock climbing like « Saga Africa » and « Moby Dick ».

Freeriding and mountaineering in Nuuk’s fjords

Survival handbook in Greenland

Paragliding and mountaineering in Eternity fjord

Magic moments between Maewan and two whales