Itinary of the adventure

Sail away

Erwan seeks to venture to the far northern and outhern reaches of the planet… letting Mather Nature be his guide, avoiding all manmade navigational infrastrucutre (such as the Panama Canal). He also wants to venture deep into the polar regions, seeking to push beyong the limits in extreme conditions of what is currently possible. The result is a 4-year journey around the world in a sail boat, following a unique route that will provide access to places where no one as ever set foot.


The crew will sail to both polar regions to explore Greenland, Baffin Island, Alaska and Antartica. These represent the handful of remote places left on the planet that still offer a wide range of opportunities for firsts and to push the limits os mountaineering, skiing and ice climbing.

Polar environment

The polar environment has considerable influence on equipment preparation, on planning, on performance, and offers new challenges; over the years, Erwan and his crew has developed the requisite skills to handle such environments. Some of the planned projects have yet to be attempted in winter conditions, during the Arctic night, in extreme cold, etc…



Search for the right boat
Prepare and test the boat
Search for partners
Plan the trip and key projects


 February : Ice climbing in Iceland.
From April to June: Mountaineering, free riding and navigation encounter.
 July-August: Big wall climbing in south of Greenland.


 May : Maewan upgrade for the Northwest passage.

June: Sailing and exploring Greenland’s west coast til the North.

 July/August: Sailing and climbing big walls in Baffin island.

 August/October: Sailing through the Northwest Passage to Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatski in Kamchatka (Russia).


 Autumn and Winter: Sailing mountaineering and freeriding in Kamchatka and Japan.
Rock climbing, deep water soloing ine the Philippines and Malaysia.


  Sailing through Fiji.
Sailing through French Polynesia
Mountaineering and exploring in Terra del Fuego.


Winter : Mountaineering in Antartica.


Iceland – February 2015

Mixed and Ice climbing

Establishing new lines on the very unique Hornbjarg Mountain (northwest coast of Iceland), unclimbed and unknown in winter due to its extremely remote location.

Jeanne Grégoire, Aymeric Clouet, Guillaume Vallot, Lionel Daudet, Erwan Le Lann.

Greenland – April 2015

Navigation, mountaineering and freeriding encounter

A group of freeriders, mountainers and sailors will combine their efforts to approach and ride the most spectacular lines, both up and down..

Maewan’s crew

Eric Loizeau, , Erwan Le Lann, Bertrand Delapierre, Leo Slemett

La Louise’s crew

Thierry Dubois, , Mathieu Maynadier, Guillaume Vallot, Adrien Coirier

Greenland – May 2015

Iceberg Surveying

Conduct a scientific study on iceberg stability via ice climbing and free diving.

Aurore Asso, free-diver, and Erwan Le Lann, ice-climber.

Baffin Island – July 2015

Big wall climbing

Four french climbers will meet the giants of granit (sometimes 1000m of verticality) all along the Baffin fjords, for a spectacular climb.


Mathieu Maynadier, Charlotte Barré, Gérôme Pouvreau and Florence Pinet

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