The ideal base for the project had to be robust and reliable, to travel around the world, and large enough to welcome Erwan’s friends. His research has led him to a 37-feet sailboat, a Trisalu 37 built in 1982 in Quebec. Meawan matched/ fit the profile, having already lived several winters there. Always, well maintained, this boat was clean, healthy and in perfect conditions. However, some changing was necessary to optimize it for navigation in open sea and fort longer time spent in cold areas of the globe.


The interior has been redesigned, simplified. Eliminating unnecessary things such as closets or hot water was essential to lighten the boat and make it as functional as possible. All electronics have been refurbished by Teem company thanks to our main partner, Mobility, subsidiary of Vinci Energie. Radar, NKE driver, AIS radio, AIS, open port antenna for satellite connection, new solar panels, wind turbine, hydro generator Watt & Sea, new batteries park; all these new indispensable elements have found their place on board. All sails was replaced by new pieces made by the sailmaker Incidence. The standing rigging is renovated.


Some pictures of all the work done on Maewan before his departure

"Maewan will be our home, shelter, training camp, dining room, center of operations, etc, during this 4 years adventure. A solid aluminium sail boat, built for adventure and cold places. Maewan can host 5 to 6 people on board with enough food, water and power to remain self-sufficient for Three months."

− Erwan Le Lann -

"We will push Maewan beyonds its limits by sailing through the wildest seas in the toughest conditions. Our goal is to raise the sails in order to harness the power of the wind throughout the entire trip."

− Erwan Le Lann -