""A 4-year adventure around the world to unexplored regions of the planet, only accessible by sea.""

− Erwan Le Lann -

""The natural culmination of 20 years of gainig knowledge and experience in the mountains, out at sea...""

− Erwan Le Lann
World-class athletes
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This kind of project causes STRESS and FATIGUE for those who take part of it, depend on different kind of situations met or sort of personality; finally, these are familiar issues for all of us, whatever the business or the environment we are part of.

By the link above, you will discover articles written by specialists and advices to anticipate this kind of phenomena and to work towards a better management of it in a daily life. It’s called IMPROVE YOU WAY!


Research in collaboration with Ultra Sport Science and Dokever

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A word from Erwan about the research, new guideline of the adventure:


Critical Evaluation Document Topics

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In order to know exactly where Maewan is at sea , simply enter the name, « MAEWAN 4 » in the search engine for the map below.

Base Camp

Providing adventurers with a basecamp to approach the great unknown in order to climb, ski, explore, fly, cave…

The crew

A crew of world-class outdoor specialists in various extreme sport disciplines: sailing, mountaineering, skiing, climbing, ice climbing, freediving, base-jump…

World Firsts

8 feature outdoor projects during the trip, with several planned firsts.

Media Productions

Content creation and broadcast through a web hub: reports, videos, travel journal, social media…


The project is the natural culmination of 20 years of gaining knowledge and experience in the mountains, out at sea, and while exploring the entire planet: Adventures, dealing dealing with cold and fatigue, determination, specialized technical knowledge, organizing international project.

Pushing his own mental, psychological, and physical limits, managing stress in unknown lands and situations, all in extreme conditions (cold, polar night, etc).

Adventure & Exploration

To live each second of the trip to the fullest, to learn how to overcome challenges and to make out of every mistakes. To experiment at every reef and every mile alolng the way. To let himself be led by the voyage, to accept any setbacks, to improvise and to adapt.


To live as a group in a small space, dealing with adversity: tolerating each other, helping each other out, and knowing one another will be essential.

Sharing amazing moments with the people who will participate in all or part of the trip, longtime friends or newcomers, puttinf all of our efforts together to achieve a common goal.